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    The best product is only ever as good as its marketing. We place your product in the right light.
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Marketing / Branding

Because a product (or an enterprise) must have an aura which radiates credibility and is internally consistent. This includes the right name and the related storytelling, which runs through all measures. Thus we create a professional image for you, which you can present to the public with pride and joy. International marketing requires a high degree of professionalism and efficiency, to achieve sustainable business success. Time to market counts. Therefore the challenge also lies in pinpoint planning and implementation of all actions. Generally speaking, these days no business can afford a trial and error approach.

MBC supports you with a team of international marketing experts who will assist you from the development of the corporate identity to the implementation of the marketing activities. Our services as one-stop provider are integrated and professional.




Films / Animations

Insertions / Posters


Exhibition Design

Corporate Signage

Shop Promotion Tools


Flyers, Samplings etc.


Brand Development, Naming, Registration

Logo Development or Redesign

Corporate Identity / Corporate Design


Planning and attending trade fairs

Planning and organisation of events